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Something Good EP
RickoSound Records/Big Dipper Records

Orango sums up the history of guitar rock. Though not obvious all the time, they seem especially inspired by 60s pop and r&b. Here are traces of Beatles' and Byrds' guitars; drums- and bass-lines of the Who, lyrical fragments and licks off the aforementioned and the Rolling Stones and Hendrix catalogue. A bit of contemporary Norwegian Big Bang punch and Madrugada melancholy, perhaps, are thrown in for good measure. They certainly know how to treat their instruments. The band has received very favourable live reviews. I don't doubt Orango can let hell loose live in small venues. Unfortunately here they lack the most essential part of the pop and rock formula: tunes or licks that stick to your heart and soul. I've played Something Good a lot, but the songs seem to pass me by. They're forgotten soon after they're finished.

Something Good is Orango's second EP. The band didn't fare too well with their first EP here at Luna Kafe either. Next time we want a live recording of vintage cover versions, OK boys?

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