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Uroelementer (med Apollo)

Hip-hoppers Uro (English: Disturbance) - Lasarus (a.k.a. Lars M. Finborud), Lex Lutor (a.k.a. Sigurd Holvik), and Daffy (a.k.a. Håkon Fjørtoft) - have been central rappers in the Oslo rap scene for years, and innovative by converting rap into Norwegian. They scored a radio hit with their last single Snakker Så Du Skjønner, and 2001 could be their golden year.

Uroelementer is a foretaste from the forthcoming album, Sirkus-Uro (to be released later this spring/summer), and is a catchy tune indeed. Quick-step rap-mouthery, and a playful game with words, plus a guest apperance by another rap-profile, Apollo. Song two on this single is called Hei lydmann (Hey 'soundman'), and is a bit rawer, with a lot of references to Norwegian TV/radio/media "celebrities", with good portions of irony and/or sarcasm I guess. Also quite enjoyable, but not as good as the main track. Track 3 is an instrumental Uroelementer, so: start rap-along. Yo! Yo! Yo!

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