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Sketch of Supposed Murderer
Century Media/Tuba!

What is it with these extreme metal guys? Always inventing the most tongue-twisting "scary" nicknames that are supposed inspire awe. Instead, to me, they end up sounding rather silly. And the silliest of them all must be one-man-band Morgul's Jack D. Ripper.

Not that the name isn't fitting, though. If Dimmu Borgir makes music for satanists, then Morgul's music is surely aimed at the mentally insane. The songs on Sketch of Supposed Killer are pure evil, a kind of hate metal, if you will. There are the expected hard riffs and pompous keyboards, as well as some industrial-like twists and turns that remind me somewhat of Rammstein at times. There are also bits of a dark sounding choir on the album - very gothic indeed! The nine tracks are truly a dark, dark journey through some severely disturbing sonic landscapes. The exception to the rule is the album closer, She, which sounds more like classic "cock rock" from some eighties hair band, complete with a cheesy guitar solo. Which just makes Sketch of Supposed Murderer even more scary.

So the material is good - if the genre is of your liking - but the performance leaves something to be desired. In particular, the drum machine, present on every track, while programmed adequately, tends to sound rather weak. And the constant use of distortion and other effects on the vocals does become rather annoying after a while - with the exception of Stealth, where the weird sounding voice together with harpsichord and strings conjures up images of some nineteenth century mad scientist, furiously working in his laboratory towards his goal of world domination. But nevertheless, Morgul would probably benefit from having more live musicians contributing to the sound.

I've heard some sick shit in my time, but Morgul can certainly crack nuts with the best of 'em. Clearly the work of a severely demented mind - not that there's anything wrong with that.

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wanker. the song "she" from morgul's "sketch of the supposed murder" is a cover
of the kiss song. now not everyone is a kiss fan, and neither am i, but at least
get your facts straight lest you end up looking the fool. which you did.
your superior
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