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The Summer Sessions in D# [Let's Stay Together]
Synesthetic Recordings

It's always exciting to find another interesting label that profiles new and creative music. And Synesthetic Recordings really meet these criteria. Mostly confined to small runs of CD-R's and cassettes until now, they specialise in improvised or free form rock. But all this is about to change with this new release, the Elektrodiesel LP. Beautifully packaged in an elegant sleeve and pressed on 220 grams of heavy black vinyl - the esthetical side of the project is well taken care of. The music itself is equally good, two long improvised sessions twisting and turning like the grooves themselves. Whenever you think you've got the band pinpointed down, they come with another unexpected change, a new sound or an unashamed melodic line. This is a rock band gone weird. Drums, guitar, organ and various sound-sources gives the sound of rock but the band never admits to it, they never succumbs to songs. The name gives it all away - Elektrodiesel - the droning sound of heavy machinery, reliable, rhythmic and in need of expertise to be handled right.

This is just a small part of what the band recorded at these sessions and if the rest is as good I really hope the band will find some way of sharing it with the rest of us. Elektrodiesel in their own words:

"Elektrodiesel is an ongoing musical collaborative between myself and whoever joins in at any given time. No restrictions on style, instrumentation, or number of players, the only parameters being that the collaborators must be willing to let go, improvise and experiment at all times."

'Myself' here is Espen Jensen and on this recording the collaborators are Vidar Evensen and Tom S. Magnussen.

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