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Masters Of The Hemisphere
Better Things
Gentlemen Records

A summerly pop single by Athens, GA based Masters Of The Hemisphere, released by new Norwegian label Genntlemen Records. MOTH were founded by Bren Meade and Sean Rawls (who's been in more than 30 bands over the years!), when they relocated to Athens after starting two different projects: Bren's Veteran and Sean's Serious Teeth (Kindercore Records were to release a split, but strange things happened - see the Kindercore site for the full story).

Anyway MOTH was a fact (including drummer Jeff Griggs, who's been with another Kindercore act; the Mendoza Line, and Adrian Finch), with loads of pop material. Better Things spins on with great charm. Jangly, suntanned pop not very far from some of the Perfect Pop acts (Time Lodgers anyone? They'll be back this autumn I've been told!). Sunglasses, a mild breeze in your hair, and sand between your toes. Great. On the flip-side Die Mustafa Die is even more catchy and quirky. Neat. I can't wait to check out MOTH's albums, the quite new I Am Not A Freemdoom (Kindercore), as well as their eponymously titled debut (Kindercore, 1997).

On the side MOTH can be experienced in several other bands. Bren and Adrian in Summer Hymns; Sean in Famous Larvae of the Insect World (featuring members of Elf Power) to name a few.

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