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Sonic Joyride
Anomaly Records

Melodic pop-rock is in store for those willing to lend Sonic Joyride an ear. The songs are all in the radio-friendly 3-4 minute range, with the kind of safe and easy melodies that easy to whistle along with. The three-man strong group deliver solid playing throughout the 12 songs on Behemoth, but there is something missing here.

While the songs are nice, they're somewhat lacking in the originality department. I get the feeling that I've heard it all before, and that the songs have been tailor-made for the lowest common denominator radio audience. It's all nice and melodic and catchy, but it's not original enough to turn heads.

The sound of the CD is okay, but nothing more than okay. At times the production fails to draw the listener in, and that certainly doesn't help the already troubled material on the album. It all just sounds a bit thin and unimaginative. Perhaps guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer Chris Hobler should try letting go of the reins and get an outside opinion?

Sonic Joyride are definitely not just another throwaway garage band, they just need that extra "something" to propel them further.

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