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Golden Street

As I'm writing this the sun is shining from a big blue sky. A perfect setting for a pop album such as this. The Minders are back and everything's just fine. Minders are Martyn Leaper (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, television dial (!?)) and his wife Rebecca Cole (drums, vocals, keyboards, harpsichord). Since Hooray for Tuesday (Elephant 6/spinART, 1998), Marc Willhite (bass) and Jeff Almond (guitar) have left the band. Newcomer Joanna Bolme plays the bass (as well as some guitar and percussion). Additional musicians are Hutch Harris (drums), Adam Goldman (alto saxophone), Jeff Saltzman (unidentifiable objects and grooves!), and Jenny Gillet (brushing teeth - huh!?).

This time they've been recording in Portland (their first album was created at Robert Schneider's Pet Sounds Recording Studio, Denver CO). The Minders is a time machine ride, back to quality 60s Brit-pop. Martyn has come up with two fistfuls of songs (two co-written with Rebecca) which make you wou want to go lie down in the grass, looking at the sky. Just letting the world spin, being all lazy and careless. The title track sneaks up on you while lying there, and it starts to tickle your feet. Friendly, not sadistic or mean or evil or something, and, hey, how nice it is to be tickled by this tune! Light makes the sunbeams dance all over your face, and when you just tilt your head slightly to the right you spot the most beautiful Treehouse. We Never Shout is true: The Minders whisper gently in your ear. And Give Me Strength gives perfect strenght if you're having a bad day.

Right As Rain makes me think of Rain (or Beatles ca.1965-66), while the playful psyche-trip Nice Day For It expands itself through many themes, taking strange turns before ending like something Yo La Tengo could've done. Sleeping Through Everything, with Rebecca singing lead, is simply gorgous. The sound of an angel. Then If You're Lonely pops out, and I guess this one - if you're feeling lonely - will make you feel not. Yes, that's Golden Street in a nutshell.

File together with the Zombies, Left Banke, Electric Prunes, XTC and George Harrison. Not to forget the Apples In Stereo. Hey summertime! Golden Street will be my beachball this year.

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