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Sirkus Uro

Finally Norwegian hip-hop scene's "trois terrible de la bourgeoisie" (yes, I'm a French class drop-out), Uro, have hit the streets with their debut album. And it sure is as hip, cool and good as the single Uroelementer promised earlier this year.

Uro - rappers Daffy, Lex Lutor and Lasarus - plus a lot of friends and guests (Jester, Apollo, Definite, Pen Jakke, Busta Ofte a.k.a. Jørg-1 of Tungtvann, Gatas Parlament, Norwegian beat-poet Jan Erik Vold, and: reporter Ingolf Håkon Teigene of the NRK: the Norwegian State Broadcasting Co.!) present 14 more or less kicking tracks, packed with words; lyrics including great humor, some serious curves, as well as some, well, maybe too infantile parts. Anyhow, after a short introduction track, Sparker inn dører literally (Eng.: Kicking doors in) kicks off the party. Uro is back in town! Uro use samples from a well known children's song on the next track Bakvendtland, which has got an incredible list of name-droppery (mostly Norwegians, but also some international celeb names, such as Puff Daddy, get some smacking). Throughout the album the flow of words is highly impressive, working brilliantly most of the time, melodic as well as tale-tellery (true stories of growing up in Oslo and its suburbs; partying, experiencing the first highs, ups and downs with drinks, girls, etc.). Uroelementer (with Apollo) is a real party-track, but another favorite is the melodic 1984 (w/ Jester). Hovedstaden is a celebration of Oslo, the capital, but not the people "running it". Another highlight is the heavier rhythmed Labbene i Taket, introducing jazz musicians Sjur Miljeteig and Peder Kjellsby on guitars. Then there's the lazy dub cut'n'scratch Dag to, including the horn section The Miles Experience.

Last track, Hjelp vi er på plate is called a bonus track, with a whole bunch of the rap friends taking turns behind the mike. Then there's silence, until you restart your CD player. Simply because Sirkus Uro, despite some weaker moments inbetween, is a disc worth repeating. Well done.

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