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Low + Dirty Three
In the Fishtank 7
Konkurrent Records

In a fit of inspiration have the Dutch label Konkurrent Records set up a sub-label named In the Fishtank. Here they invite bands on tour in Holland to spend two days in studio to record between 20 and 30 minutes worth of material. This is released as the so-called In the Fishtank series. Earlier contributors have been Konkurrent labelmates No Means No and as different acts as Guv'ner and June of '44. Only one collaboration has happened - Tortoise and Holland's own anarchists The Ex. That is until now, the latest installation in the series is the slow-rockers Low who asked their friends and weirdocowboys The Dirty Three to join in. The resulting record is what you can expect from these two acts, a bit more country than Low or a really slow Dirty Three. Beautiful stuff anyway you choose to look at it. The strange sounding violin is a perfect fit for Low, my bet is that this collaboration is going to happen again. All songs have been written by the bands, except for nothing short of a stunning version of Neil Young's Down By the River from his eponymous 1969 LP Everybody Knows This is Nowhere. It's taken down to the minimum, stripped for all but the bare necessities, filtered through several creative minds, and sounds like nothing you have heard by the Young one himself. Layers of whispering noisemelody build the song up from nothing. Worth the price of the record alone. This record is as beautiful a platter as you have come to expect from Low, and will do no further to harm their reputation, maybe even win them another listener or two.

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