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More Disposable POP Songs
Electrokitty Records

Not long after an e-mail popped in from one Gary Reynolds this CD appeared in Luna Kafé's PO box. Gary claimed David Bowie, Sloan, Elliott Smith, The Beatles, Elton John (probably not Nikita era...), T. Rex and Amiee Mann to be among bands/artists to compare POP with. According to the web site 'POP is Potentially over populated', whatever that means. Other POP facts: 'POP used to be Thomas Covenant' (who's a fantasy book series' character, right?). 'POP was once called the Cretins'. Then the question is: is POP pop? Right answer: yes!!

More Disposable POP Songs is an indeed fine collection of pop songs. From the opening song Positively Me I'm more or less hooked, and the album keeps growing all the time. Gary Reynolds stands out as a very smart tune-smith, breeding catchiness and feel-good pop songs. It seems POP is Gary Reynolds (lead vocals, string instruments), plus a group of additional musicians helping out. The references given are somehow correct, but POP is firstly POP, and More Disposable POP Songs - in addition to a string of excellent songs - has got a sober sounding production. The arrangements, the instrumentation, everything's impressing. To name some of the fave tracks on the platter: the somewhat rougher "For All You Know" and "I Told You So", the "cowboy-ish" (banjo solo included!) "Blame It On The Sun", and the brilliantly gentle closing track, "As I Cry".

POP is maybe not innovative music, but since when has pop music been of that kind? Recommended listening for the summertime, or even during any season. Pop on!

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