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Busta Ofte
Busta Ofte EP

Hip-hop twosome Tungtvann (Heavy Water), or actually Tungtvann rapmouth Jørgen Nordeng a.k.a. Jørg-1 a.k.a. Busta Ofte, goes dancehall ragga-reggae. But also Tungtvann buddy Lars A. Sandness a.k.a.DJ Poppa a.k.a. Poppa Cap-In-Yo-Ass has been around the recording studios (programming, mixing). Along with Ras Irie B (a.k.a. Bjørn Jervås, of Bodø reggae band Irie Darlings), and Ronnie Dread (of Misvær Skaforening). Yo. Ye. Ya, man.

Busta Ofte starts with a bang, with Busta Ofte's deep voiced ragga-croning, and, as with Tungtvann, the Northern accent is perfect for the music. It sounds so tough and cool. However, I find the hip-hop project much more interesting. Never been a reggae fan. Maybe that's my problem. On Hopp Opp! I just find the lyrics/words silly, while final track, the slow dub piece Kjemikalia (Chemicals), is way too long. On this last song Busta Ofte is pointing his finger to the extremely increasing chemical dope problem among 'the kids' these days (followed by psychic injuries for life). Without being moralistic, of course, just putting up a simple warning sign for the youngsters to understand. Dangerous. Cut the shit. Period. Must be working far better than getting to hear it at school or through other governmental information.

But, the music. I'm not amazed, not at all. Give me Tungtvann rap-hop instead. Maybe I'm too old for this one, man.

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