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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 59 - 08/04/01

Morning That Comes But Once

This is a different bag of tea than ye average Luna dish. The music of Draumey is certainly in the outskirts of my musical field. If I have to categorise, I guess contemporary or strictly arranged music is as close as I can get. It is piano based and arranged for voice, two saxophones and flute in addition. Well-known 19th century poets like Emily Dickinson and Leigh Hunt provide the lyrics.

Two of the five songs of the mini-CD fits into the beauty ballad bag, two are closer to the humorous cacophonous kind and the short but sweet title track is...somewhere beyond. Especially the latter, but also parts of I Like A Look Of Agony and I Died For Beauty reminds me of some of the music by Michael Nyman (great soundtracks for films by Peter Greenaway, Jane Campion etc. etc.) when those saxes get up front. The rest is different from anything I've ever heard. The CD only lasts 13 and a half minutes but who cares as long as the songs are so beautiful or fascinating? And as most of the music reviewed here at Luna Kafé : this debut mini album deserves all the publicity it can get!

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