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Ah Rubble, it reminds me of that Bam Caruso compilation series of excellent 60s psychedelia and pop-sike that arrived in the 80s (recently re-released on CD incidentally) in the wake of Nuggets and Pebbles. Well, the band Rubble is somewhat different, an Oslo based quintet playing guitar-oriented pop and rock.

At first listen the five tracks sounded a bit anonymous, after a few spins the songs made shapes in different directions. First Sunbeam came through, a lively little rhythmic pop-rocker that somehow gives echoes of a Gasolin (rock heroes of Denmark in the 70s, you might not know) song in between. After a little longer while the contrasts and dynamics of So Beautifully and The Big Fade, the melancholy female backing vocals of Protection in particular and the excellent guitar-work throughout stand out.

Personally I'd preferred some rougher edges here and there, or maybe some amusing psychedelic effects in the Rubble tradition? Anyway, a bit more careful mix could easily turn the demo into a full-blown release, on the Rubblemusic label perhaps?

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