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Masters of the Hemisphere
I am not a Freemdoom
Kindercore Records

Kindercore delievers the goodies! True pop gems for true pop lovers. OK, this album is several months old now, released last year actually. Probably will a new record come soon, but this one deserves all the publicity it can get. Just laugh off stupid Damon Albarn's cartoon band Gorillaz, and instead take a trip to the Island of Krone Ishta, a tropical paradise somewhere. A place holding jubilant parties and uproarious laughter, sheer joy and happiness. Until evil appears, as the dog Freemdoom. Confused? No reason to be scared off. And, yes, there's even a small comic booklet included explaining everything. Join in. Meet Mal and Edward, Gorgar and Freemdoom.

Athens, Georgia quartet Masters of the Hemisphere - founders/writers Bren Meade and Sean Rawls, drummer Jeff Griggs, and Adrian Finch on bass - create perfect summer pop, as heard on the single Better Things. Extremely catchy and charming, brittle, lively and pulsating, great harmonies. Imagine Beach Boys with the Family Cat. As mentioned this is a concept album unfolding the story of what happens when evil hits paradise. Freemdoom and his servant Gorgar arrives and the tyranny starts. They establish an Air-Lung Company, starts polluting all reservoirs (but one), for then to make the islanders dependent to their business. Two friends, Mal and Ed start an uproar, and finally, after dramatic episodes and bloodshed, the tyranny comes to an end. Paradise is reborn. Freemdoom gone. Enter freedom.

This is the story told and unfold through 13 excellent pop songs. >From song one, So What About Freemdoom, everything is just perfect. The brilliant, flute-driven (!), up-tempo Who Is This Dog?. The life happy The New Commotion just blows me away. A must-hop-and-hum-along song. The quiet and delicious Summer in Krone Ishta. Or the cosy (hate the word, but it fits just right here - makes sense) Calm Calm Coma, and the closing The Fearsome Duo. Pop spelled P-O-P. Pop with brains. Period.

If you don't want to wander around stupid for the rest of your life - don't hesitate: get everything Masters of the Hemisphere have released. I want, I need, I demand a new album. NOW!

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