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The Heideroosjes
April 1997

What are your musical influences?
It varies from Madness, Exploited, old Metallica, Stooges, Imca Marina.

What are you favorite bands?
I love a lot of different kinds of music - Minor Threat, Dog Nasty, Bad Religion, Op Ivy.

What type of music would you classify your bands as?
Punk without limitations

Can you give the instruments / names of all of the band members?
Marco (vocals), Fred (bass), Frank (guitar) and Igor (drums).

What albums did you made and which one is the best?
Noisy Fairytales, Choice for a Lost Generation, Fifi, Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (CDSingle), Klapvee (CDSingle), Break the Public Peace (CDSingle). We made our first album when we were 17. Now we are 23 so the albums can't be compared to each other. We still are growing musically.

What do you see in the future for the band?
We want to be known in Europe.

What bands do you enjoy playing gigs with?
All bands which are open minded.

What do you think about drugs?
I'm pro soft drugs, it should be legal to sell it. And I'm against hard drugs.

Are you gonna make a ska song?
Maybe anything is possible.

How did you came up with the band name and what does it mean?
We got it from a story from Urbanus (a comedian from Belgium / Marcel).

What do you think about festivals?
It's nice. You can see a lot of bands, but 100 bands a day is too much.

What does punk mean to you?
Someting personally, it's undescribable. It's a feeling of being totally free to do what you want.

What do you think about the internet?
It's a good invention.

How long have you been together?
8 years.

Whats your favorite television show and/or cartoon?
Haagse Harry, Asterix en Obelix.

Any touring or recording in planning, anything?
We are touring a lot through the Netherlands and Belgium. At the end of september there will be a new CD.

What record companys would you like to do stuff?
Every record company who treats us well.

Whats your favorite qoute?
"Jesus was a black woman." "I'm not deaf... I'm just ignoring you!!"

Do you think Ska & Punk are becoming "mainstream"?
No, the more the merrier, but the band has to be loyal to themselves.

Have you ever considered starting a record label?
I already have. It's called windmill records. I put out a CD with underground bands from the Netherlands called Hollandse Herrie.

Is there a difference between punk in the 80's / 90's?
Punk is getting popular to other people besides punks. It's getting happier. There are bands who don't have any roots, they don't know the godfathers of punk.

Do you think The Heideroosjes still are the same shit band from Limburg?
We feel still the same as the time we got started. We have still the same attitude.

Igor how did you came up with the spider thingie?
We played an album Bad News from The Young Ones. The drummer was called spider web. The other band members started to call me spider.

Do you know some unknown punk/ska bands which are good?
Mighty Mighty Bosstones are the most unappreciate ska band. Listen to Hollands Herrie.

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