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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 60 - 09/02/01

Summerbaby EP
Aurora Records

Two young girls from the small town Kongsvinger, sing and play guitar, write their own songs, manage to charm some local musicians and here's their debut four track EP. And they're still only 16, ...only 16!

The Peas seem inspired by Kings of Convenience and Lene Marlin. But there's still a two years gap between them and the latter's breakthrough, which goes to show. Summerbaby is launched as a classic summer single, and the title track fits the label, sweet and innocent pop music it is. Here are the opening lines: I just want you to know/That I love you so/I will never let you go... Only a pity it wasn't released until September when autumn is sneaking around the corners. But the other songs are more in the melancholy vein and fits darker evenings. In between the older male helpers dominate too much and threaten to reduce the girls to backing vocalists. Josephine is my favourite with a funny organ/guitar/vocals solo and background noise by The Carpenters and The Doors! Thanks to pop'n'roll teenagers are kept away from the streets and sports. But who knows what will happen when the girls get a bit more experienced and take charge themselves.

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