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The Green Pajamas
In A Glass Darkly
Hidden Agenda / Parasol

The Green Pajamas have been around for a while even though they haven't quite made it to world domination yet. After releasing cassettes and obscure LPs in Seattle in the middle 80s they broke up in 1991 and by then apparently that was the end of the day for another excellent cult band. But in 97 they gave it another go with the comeback album Strung Behind The Sun on the australian label Camera Obscura. Thiat album and the next one following a year later were given the thumbs up by all the underground zines with Terrascope being in front. Lately they've released numerous albums and singles on various labels.

This 5-song EP was originally considered a Green Pajamas sideproject - only Kelly and the newst PJs member Laura Weller contribute, but Jeff Kelly - The PJs main songwriter and frontman - decided it was close enough to what they do and it's released courtesy of the Hidden Agenda label as a Green Pajamas EP. This EP starts in the same "loud music that you can sleep to" mode that Bedhead investigated with great success a few years ago, and the mode is kept the whole EP through. The songs are inspired by the stories of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-73) - irish writer of ghost stories and mystery novels, celebrated for his ability to evoke the ominous atmosphere of a haunted house - and the songs sure all have an ancient melancholic mood to them. It's easy to hear that Jeff Kelly got his talent for beautifully crafted epics with folky elements in a timeless way, and this EP is a nice addition to the ever-growing Green Pajamas back-catalogue.

If you're new to The Green Pajamas this isn't the place to start, but rather the now classic All Clues To Meagan's Bed from 1998. For the already dedicated this is a nice dish while we're waiting for the next full length from PJs, This is Where We Disappear coming out some time later this year.

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