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Sweet Romancer
Big Dipper Records

Let's put the Kettle on. Kettle is a one-man band, namely Kjetil Fredriksen. He recorded these songs in his bedroom between 1994 and 2000 on a four-track tape recorder. They're in the singer-songwriter tradition including vocals, acoustic guitar, bass and some rockier moments with electric guitar solos in between. I have no doubt Kjetil was present on at least one of Neil Young's gigs in Europe this summer. The inspiration is especially obvious in the vocals and harmonies. Check out The Pool, Voice Of Rain or Showgirls and you'll see what I mean. If I am not very much mistaken, I also think I get a glimpse of REM lurking in the shadows now and again. Right now Dissection is my favourite of the 14 songs; darker, haunting and almost ominous compared to the rest of the set.

As the recording circumstances indicate, this is not a hi-fi album, far from it. I guess this is both a strength and a weakness. The crude production might scare some, whereas others will find the songs more personal this way. Sweet Romancer proves once more that you don't need expensive and fancy studios and equipment to bring about your music. Three cheers to Big Dipper and Kjetil himself to be brave enough to release the album! Let's pour another cup from the Kettle, shall we?

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