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Portrait of David
These Days Are Hard To Ignore
Racing Junior

Portrait of David is another onemanband and in some ways you can hear just that. The tunes are more like a personal vision than merely songs. Every one carries their own mood, their own sentiments and speaks their own parts of the person constituting Portrait of David. And if this is correct he probably has inkling towards the melancholy side of life. This CD speaks volumes about wide-open loneliness, lost childhood (of seven songs with lyrics four have the word child in the first sentence) and the sadness of things. Beautiful sadness that is... The mastermind behind Portrait of David, Ola Fløttum, also known for his involvement in Salvatore and his former band The White Birch plays most of the instruments. Played very sparingly I must add, there is a lot of space between every note. Creating a tension that keeps you waiting for the next one, filling out the space with continuum, with atmosphere. In this way he builds small worlds where you, the listener are just a visitor. For me there are just one thing that makes some of these worlds less than perfect and this is the pitch which he sings in. It's a little high for him and that makes it a bit strained. When he sings in his natural voice like on Nine Day Wonder it feels so much better, everything falls into place and is pure dark light.

The press release from Racing Junior states that this music was made as a personal statement, not meant for general release, but music as beautiful as this has a way of finding it's audience. I sure hope it finds it's way to you.

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