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flag Norway - Full Moon 61 - 10/02/01

My Rhyme + Vidar Vang & friemann
Gamla, Oslo, Norway, 22.9.01

Finally a chance to see critically acclaimed (as young and promising) Vidar Vang perform. He's been touring Norway and Gamla was the last stop on this ebb-of-summer tour. Vidar Vang, hailing from Bjerknes outside Narvik up North, is in his mid-twenties, and has been refining his talent as songwriter and performer over the last couple of years. Not only by gigging Norway but also crossing the Atlantic to play bars across the USA, both solo and backed with a band.

But the evening was opened by a supporting act, new-comers My Rhyme. This was their first (?) gig, but the guitarist/bassist was a familiar face from the Madrugada line-up; guitarist Robert Burås. The rest of the quartet was a singer/guitarist, another guitarist (sitting throughout their appearance), and a drummer playing a kit almost like Jeremy Barnes' (of Neutral Milk Hotel and The Gerbils); two drums (snare plus floor-tom) and hi-hat (JB use one cymbal). They played only a small handful of songs. Extremely fragile, quiet and lowtoned. Too bad since the loud-talking audience (I've never experienced worse!) managed to drown the music. Almost completely. The little I did hear was charming and definitely promising. The starter was a bit up (I shouldn't say this because his name is much to easily name-dropped as a reference) Nick Drake's lonely alleys, or rather heathers. The singer has got a very fine voice. My Rhyme is worth checking out again.

Then it was Vidar Vang's stage. He opened with a ballad alone behind the Roland, before backing-band friemann joined in. Vidar Vang plays American guitar-rock of the catchy and fuzzy kind. With a dash of 'cowboy-feel'. Since I hadn't seen him live before or didn't know his material it was quite an alright evening at Gamla. With good sound as well. One song, Rough Motion (?), reminded me of my old favorites Blue Öyster Cult! How Does It Feel?(?) was like the Gun Club meets Violent Femmes. The band was tight and the show built towards its peak. The band finished, to return for the encores. Ending the show with This One Steals Back What You Took (off the 4 song EP they were selling on this tour), and a cover of Buddy Holly's Well...Alright. As I said; an alright evening it was.

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