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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 61 - 10/02/01

Pär Lindh Project
Veni Vidi Vici

Swedish Pär Lindh is an undisputed virtuoso, a progressive rock keyboardist who ranks among such greats as Wakeman and Emerson. Lindh's trademark organ, piano, mellotron, and moog synthesiser, paint a lush musical landscape that evoke classical modernity and pyrotechnic passion and vibrant vivacity. His new album is an interplay of classical music and progressive rock... wrapped in Magdalena Hagberg sensually emotional voice!

Waves of sound twist around melancholic majestic passages and carry the mind into the lands of the fantastic where the catharsis is a matter of yet another note! This is not just an album but a psychological interplay of the beautifully incredible with the lusciously sensual. A northern European delicacy akin to a southern European feast!!!

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