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Princess Superstar
Princess Superstar Is
Rapster Records

In 1994 Concetta Kirshner - born in Spanish Harlem, NYC, of Russian-Polish-Jewish-Sicilian-Amerian descent - named herself Princess Superstar. Equipped with a four-track and two tape decks she made her first demo. Innovative, alternative hip-hop was her field, and now as we see the ebb of 2001 she release her 4th album, Princess Superstar Is. Being of many referred to as "the female Eminem"; in her song Welcome To My World we can clearly hear her opinion on that. Instead she suggests another reference name for herself, as the "black Shirley Temple"!

Princess Superstar Is must be one of the thoughest and koolest hip-hop albums this year. The sound is driven by funky (loads of bass) beats, while Princess Superstar deliever her elegant combination of fresh, naugthy, and humoresque lyrics (she's got a real quick rap-mouth). Backed by guest artists (rappers, singers) such as Kool Keith, High & Mighty, Mista Sinista, Beth Orton, plus others. The album is highly entertaining, and should be played really loud. Bad Babysitter is a tale about naughty teen-age babysitters. Wet! Wet! Wet! is a wet and sweaty, extremely erotic and highly sexual track, including (s)explicit lyric indeed, which I guess'll make most ball-grabbing-rappers blush. The cut'n'paste We Got Panache is a real dancefloor sweatbomb, and not the only one on this album. The Princess shows lots of humor such as on the spokenword-turns-tough You Get Mad At Napster, with a perfect divine choir. Welcome to my World is one of the best tracks, though it's easy to find favorites on Princess Superstar Is. Such as the multi-rhythmic Who Writes Your Lyrics. And the quietly (!) closing Too Much Weight. The only "negative" about Princess Superstar Is is the extreme flow-of-words throughout the album. It's hard to follow the track for us non-English speaking all the time. Besides that it's a joyride. Princess Superstar is is a blonde hip-hop-hurrah bomb blast. A landmine for dancefloors.

Her three first records are Strictly Platinum (1995), CEO (1997, on her own label A Big Rich Major Label), and Last Of The Great 20th Century (2000, on her label The Corrupt Conglomerat). Probably worth checking out; they all got more or less rave reviews.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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