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Stethoscopic Notion
Camera Obscura/Apartment

The Dipsomaniacs are back with another slab of pop-psychedelia, pure vintage stuff. From the glorious foldout sleeve to the songs themselves, this is a work of high standards. This, their fourth long player, is another step in the right direction. More like a band, they are now four full-fledged members; Øyvind Holm, Thomas Henriksen, Arve Gulbrandsen and Robert Skjærvik. All with a firm grasp of what the term "light psychedelic" stands for. Pop is the order of the day, with a bit of rock, a bit of adventurous arrangements and instrumentation thrown in. Byrds, Beatles, Small Faces, Zombies and Searchers can be reference points. Nothing too wild or too freaky, and nothing new, but well crafted songs and a rare mastery of the genre. For me the highlights are the two songs they dare take to the limit, the beautiful Feet of Clay and the acidic Fair-Weather Friend. My hope is more along these lines.

For those in the know one song from the album have already been around for a while - the single Dulcimer's Dream was released earlier this year on the small label Two Zero Records. Dipsomaniacs have been shifting between several labels over the years; acknowledged Australian label Camera Obscura (which also released last year's 7" Bellows Make You Burn More Brightly) releases the CD version of this album. But don't get fooled, this kind of music needs all the warmth it can get, and the only way to go is the vinyl way (I'm with you all the way - chef's note). The maniacs at Apartment also have this platter on pink vinyl, no less.

If this was released in the late sixties it would certainly be a much sought after collector's item today, but it is brand new and available for all right now. This is your chance to own a future relic...

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