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Epicure is the title of the second full-length album from a Norvegian/English indie band that deserves more attention than they get in Norway. Maybe that's why they are released on a Canadian label this time. Actually they've got quite good response from this part of the world.

The album is quite varied in style and this is one of their strengths. In the intersection between charming popsongs and noisy drone moments they create their own niche. Their musical preferences are not new, we find elements of both Dinosaur Junior, Sonic Youth, Breeders and My Bloody Valentine here, but they also have their own unique style. As varied in style as the album is singer (and bassguitar player) Katy Penny's voice; at one moment tender and fragile at next moment powerful and direct. But it's important to notice that the whole band is credited for the music, and this is certainly true. It's the band as a whole that create their sound. In some songs you get a kind of "silence before the storm" feeling with quiet parts before the noise breaks loose. This is especially clear on the song Thalissa Bogey that is also one of the albums strongest moments.

Charming noise pop which I'm sure is great live!!

Best moments:
Phantonemesis, which has a great powerful melody - and I think it is dangerous to drive at the same time as listening to it. It's both cheerful and melancholic at the same time. Thalissa Bogey, which has got great, dreamy lyrics on a mystic, beautiful noise background. Galleon song, with its sweet, tender singing, great drumming and guitar playing ending in a hypnotic rhythm.

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