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American Suitcase

American Suitcase is a pretty hard working Oslo four-piece, and Change is a guitar-ridden taste from their next LP (their third in two years time), Turds On Parole (!). It sounds a bit more American than their previous work, a bit Velvet Crush-y at times, with hints of the American power pop of the late 70's. Really like this one!

Sunstroke is a dip into light psychedelia, backwards guitar, sitar, even a short organ solo. But it's the semi-acoustic Back On Earth which is the strongest track of the three "bonus tracks". It differs from the rest with its flute, organ and drone guitar.

A new single from American Suitcase then, by which I am not exactly flabbergasted. They lack that little extra, but they've got rid of that theremin (for now, that is...). Check out their home site where you can hear the title tune.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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