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The highly productive Martin Hagfors, headman of HomeGroan as well as one of the HGH lads (see our archive), has come up with HomeGroan's fifth album in five years. Containing sympathetic, catchy songs of the folk-song bag. They operate the crossover grounds of pop, rock, folk and country, but the intention this time was to keep clear of the 'regular' genres, to record a collection of SONGS. Addicted is supposed to be a tribute, or a declaration of love to songs. Hence the closing track, "Addicted To The Song".

Hagfors (vocals, guitars) has, together with comrades Beng Olsson (guitar, vocals), Even Finsrud (drums, vocals), and Odd Erik Fleischer (bass, vocals) recorded 11 songs. Of which Hagfors has written 9 (one co-written with Olsson), Olsson and Finsrud one each. The opening "The Woods" starts out in country-folk terrain, before "speeding" up into a galloping rhythm. A musical night ride through the woods, while the dark story of the death of a 9-year-old girl is unveiled. "Nothing For Keeps" is Hagfors alone with his acoustic guitar, presenting a "naked", low-voiced balled. A bit Neil Young-ish, and (together with the short, toy organ driven 'psalm' "I Will Never") the album's finest moment. The quietly rumbling "Empty Can" (slightly reminiscent to "Working Class Hero"), telling a story of some of the outsiders of this world. Drummer Finsrud has come up with a bouncy, poppy rocker called "Landslide". Catchy, and slightly Beatlesque ("Taxman"!). "Linchpin" and "Wrong End of The Knife" are also worth mentioning, as well as the mighty 'title song', "Addicted To The Song". The latter including the entire (?) Jaga Jazzist (probably the most hard-working band in Norway), adding horns and other sounds, making a powerful 'the end'.

Not a groundbreaking record, but a handful of solid songs making quite a steady piece of work, from a tight unit of musicians.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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