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I lOsT mY mInD sOmEwHeRe By Da RiVeRs Of BaByLoN
dBut Records

There's been a rumour for some time of this, the debut album from PrOfEsSoR ANARAD - producer (Darkside Of The Force, Salvador, Don Martin), MC, sample-scientist. Madman? Well, he's a self-acclaimed 9 dimensional Music Therapist. Anyway, the album is here.

I lOsT mY mInD sOmEwHeRe By Da RiVeRs Of BaByLoN. Pooooouuuih! What a title! And the content? Mind-exploding stuff. PrOfEsSoR ANARAD has put together an explosive mixture of samples and breaks and extreme jungle rhythms. The collage is multicolored, the record divided in two parts: 'inside' and 'ouside'. Just as you step inside by "This Just May Be It (entrance)" you know you've entered some madhouse of wax. A musical freak-show of dirty soul and groovy shock-treatment. Pumping electroics, whipping beats, oddities, anything, everything. Exciting it is.

You need stomach for this album. But, if so, you'll be elevated to somewhere else. By the time you get to the exit "Phonkay Drumma (exit)" you'll feel quite dizzy and confused, but also enriched. PrOfEsSoR ANARAD's advice is: 'Flush your Prozacs and Valiums down the toilet and run out and buy PrOfEsSoR ANARAD's debut longplayer.'

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