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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 64 - 12/30/01

Gentlemen Records

Debut single (?) from this Kongsvinger (things happen there; Chickpeas, Aurora Records) combo. Pilate is a quartet (was a trio when this 7" was released?): Gaute Tønder (vox, bass), Kjetil Foseid (guitar backing vox), Even Finsrud (drums, backing vocals - also in HomeGroan), and newcomer Knut Frøysnes (various instruments?). They claim to be inspired by the 'shoegazer' bands of the 90s (Swervedriver), plus a lot of others (from Beatles, to the Smiths, to Stone Roses, to Radiohead - see their homepage).

"Adored" is a 'lazy' song with slow-mo guitars and some whipping rhythms. Swervedriver and Stone Roses, yes. The b-side is a remix of "Adored", and is even more into Stone Roses territory. But withuot being any rip-off.

An interesting, promising debut (?). An album is due to come in 2002. Let's wait for it.

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