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Aquarium Poppers
Recomander Tunes In Various Stations EP
35 g Records

Aquarium Poppers have much in common with more established Dipsomaniacs. They are both based in Trondheim and are inspired by 60s pop, psychedelia and low fi rock. The press sheet informs that Aq Poppers are the psychedelic pop flagship of 35 g Records. I don't know. The instrumental introduction "All Clues Implied" leaves great expectations with some delightful seconds of piano and gently moving guitars in all directions. Apart from that, the cover art and backward effects, the songs are pretty ordinary 60s flavoured pop music. "Same Delight" and "Comic Thrill" glide somewhat grey and anonymous through my fingers and ears. "Magic Luxury" stands out with melodic punch and attack. "Trapin, I'm Sorry" is driven by an amusing Hammond sounding keyboard and pleasant vocal harmonies. "Thoar" is the folky track with a singalong chorus that ends before it really has started. The EP was recorded on 4 tracks, which goes to show with distortions and unbalanced instrumentation. I'm usually not allergic to that, not at all, but this kind of music deserves better. Give the Aq Pop duo a producer and a few days in a proper studio and some of these pebbles might turn into gems.

The EP is released on both 7" vinyl and CD. It's distributed in Norway, Japan and even the US. Check out the websites of 35 g Records and the band.

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