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Records for Christmas

People don't buy me Records for Christmas anymore. Used to be, when I was a kid, my uncles would Gift me a Yes record or some CCR or something else incredibly cool for a twelve year old in 1974. I've got a lot more records now and I guess my friends and relatives figure I've either already got it or I decided that I didn't need it.

Back then I'd give people Lists around the holidays, letting them in on the things I was wishing I was listening to. I told my Aunt Dottie one year I'd love the new Average White Band record. You know, the one where "AWB" is cursived out with a women's bum for the "W"?. Well, I got it, and she even made a little paper dress and taped it over the lady. Oh, that Dottie...

People don't buy me Records for Christmas anymore. If I see that shape under the tree in wrapping you can be sure that it's a calendar and not the last Dolly Parton record.

Which I'd still love if you're not sleeping Santa.

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