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Trüby Trio
DJ-Kicks: Trüby Trio
!K7 Records

Who better to select for the DJ-Kicks series than the groundbreaking Trüby Trio? This Compost label DJ-/producer-team (Fauna Flash members Christian Prommer and Roland Appel together with the trio's former and internationally well-known DJ Rainer Trüby) has come up with the latest, and maybe until now best instalment in this prestigious series.

And what can you expect from this German club-jazz crew? The packages features some of the best jazzy dance tracks of the past five years and is an exciting journey through the world of club-jazz, brazil, latin and house. The focus is on tunes that have a soulful appeal, and are presented in the best and seamless mixes possible. This is a totally groovy DJ-set with a lot of floorfillers. You better make sure you have enough space around you before playing it...

Trüby Trio contributes with two own tracks, the older "Galacia" (Zero db mix) and their new track "High Jazz" especially made for this record. The CD-version features fifteen tracks in all - and some of the titles are the mighty "Transcend Me" by Afronaugth, "Granada" by Norwegian (!) Slowsupreme, "Tel Aviv" by Fauna Flash and "Medley: General Science/Isch/Papa LaBas" by Conjure.

As mentioned the CD-version comes with fifteen tracks mixed tight together. If you like to test the technical skills of Rainer & Co, or just want the unmixed version on vinyl, you can find eight of the tracks in the 2 x 12"-format. But don't get disappointed if you can't match Trüby Trio's fantastic mix - remember these guys are top DJs playing records at famous clubs all around the world!

The Trüby Trio knows how to kick, and on this record they definitely show how to do it.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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