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Turdus Musicus
Intimate Noise EP
Fucking North Pole Records

Hard rocking Tromsø combo Turdus Musicus have put out their debut - a 4 song EP on local label Fucking North Pole Records (!). Turdus Musicus (they're young lads, age 17-19) are Carl Christian Lein Størmer (voals, guitar), Johan Grønvik (guitar), Halvard Rundberg (bass, sax, vox), and Timo Silvola (drums). In addition they've brought in Lawra Somby on joik! on two songs ("Change" and "Migonádjá" - the former co-written with Somby, the latter a Sami traditional). And it's working well, being extremely cool and tough!

Musically TM claim to operate a diversity of rock genres, mixing everything within their songs. Pop, punk, metal, hardcore. They've got an aggressive sound, but manage to keep the melodic parts intact, plus being focused on the dynamics. "Twosome" is the grim opener, with guitar riffs like slamming rain, drums like threatning thunder. The catchty, yet gloomy "Honest" is my favorite, but "Migonádjá" is also worth mentioning, because of the incredible mixture of Somby's joik and the power and the energy of the band. Metal polaris!!

TM have received excellent press (locally as well as nationwide) for their skills and powers as live act, which I don't doubt for a second. Sorry guys for missing your gig during the Tromsø International film festival. Some other time. Promise.

Contact: Fucking North Pole Records, att.: Robert Dyrnes, PO Box 327, 9254 Tromsø.

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