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Vikter Duplaix
Studio !K7 Records

Welcome to The Universal Sound of Vikter Duplaix! Be sure that Mr. Duplaix takes the popular DJ-Kicks series to the next level with his latest release. This multi-talented DJ, songwriter, vocalist and producer has put together a selection of tracks with a focus on tunes that really hits the dancefloor. The set is a blend of hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B, deep house, Brazilian, heavy beats, all with a unique and fresh sound. Despite the selection of different styles and genres the tunes fit excellent together, and in the same way as the other DJ-Kicks releases, this mix-CD is very thight and well produced.

Duplaix has tried to make a structural concept of the mix, modelled after the hip-hop mix tapes of the early '90s, which featured rappers talking in between tracks. Instead of using rappers he has used cyber-voices that come in and out of songs. This sounds a little weird the first time, but after some listening it gives the feeling of hearing a cool radioshow. The computerised voice takes the focus away from the mixing, and in that way helps to break down the boundaries between some of the tracks (mixing together different musical styles with various tempo must be quite difficult!). I think Duplaix has succeeded in doing it this way.

The set features a number of tracks, and also includes some work by Duplaix himself. Some tracks are old, most of them new. Titles include "The Beginning" by Critical Point, "Together (Cry Tuff original)" by Taurus, "The Crossing (Opaque rmx)" by P'Taah, "Happiness (Ashley Beedle's west coast mix)" by Shawn Lee, "Philadelphia" by Bahamadia, "Holy Sounds" by Philip Charles, "The Way" by Nepa Allstar, and "Berimbau (bongo re-edit)" by Mandrake and many more.

When Vikter Duplaix are spinning live he is bored if he has to play the same type of music for the whole set. He likes to mix it up, to play different tempos and styles. This might be risky in a DJ-set, but on this album Duplaix definitely shows how to do it. With his elegance and sense of style you never get bored. The Universal Sound of Vikter Duplaix is a collection of fresh sounds that brings down the boundaries between different types of groovy music. The result is a deep soundscape that reaches the listener on both a mental and an emotional level. For this it's well worth tuning into Vikter Duplaix's musical world - it will make you happy!

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