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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 67 - 03/28/02

Dust 7" EP
Music à la coque

Helgoland is for me a new acquaintance and a very pleasant one for that matter. They belong to that very interesting new brand of European experimentalists who disregards every traditional way of composing. Instead they mix all kinds of musical elements, acoustic instruments, computers, guitars, drums, rythmboxes and even found sounds. The result is quite remarkably and a sound totally their own. A passion for short songs/compositions is clear, they have even released a CD consisting of 99 songs. Their songs are dense with ideas and funny twists and turns; it makes me feel that maybe the beloved seven-inch format is their best friend. On Dust it really works, from the industry-light on the title track, to the romantic-classical-composer-on-acid on "Groindl in f major", and last but not least the groovy and fun "Rabbit brand".

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