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Wishbone Ash
Live Dates 3
Eagle Records

Live Dates from 1973 is one of the classic double live albums. Live Dates II from 1981 was a good follow-up, the band sounding tighter, with more calculated arrangements. Last year's Live Dates 3 has a sound close to its predecessor, although it feels a little lighter, especially the bass playing. Recorded in Paris before an enthusiastic crowd, Wishbone Ash of today gives us a fresh rendition of a selection of their 70's stuff.

First we are served a few songs from the second part of the 70's, most noteworthy is "Persephone," a delicate and beautiful ballad, lacking almost only Laurie Wisefield's guitar to match the exquisite version included on Live Dates II. Nice to hear a couple of songs from the somewhat darker sounding LP Just Testing, which had its moments, too. After a short glimpse of the 90's, with "Wings Of Desire," where they almost sound like the Dutch band The Nits, we're off to the early 70's classic department: "Errors Of My Way," "Leaf And Stream," "Throw Down The Sword," "F.U.B.B." (from 1974 - too new to be a classic, eh?), and finally "Phoenix." All delivered with a freshness that makes this a worthy investment for both new and old fans. "Throw Down The Sword" and "Phoenix" was also included on the original Live Dates, and while these recordings can not be surpassed, "Phoenix" is given a 13-minute cool treatment here! But where is the double vinyl LP version ...?

Watch these pages for a review of Bona Fide, Wishbone Ash's new studio effort which is to be released next month.

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