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No Cure For Life
Bonnier Amigo

Yo! Introducing Paperboys. This is it! Paperboys are the new wonderboys of Norwegian hip-hop. Vinnie and JJ (a.k.a. Øyvind and Jarle). The two-some started their rap collaboration while they were living in Tanzania (while their parents were working for the NORAD association). After heavy air-play and acclamation for their singles "Moving Up", "It's Paper" and "Duets", they've come up with their debut full length, No Cure For Life.

The album's starter "Introducing" blasts off, being extremely cool and tough sounding. A perfect introduction, showing loads of punchy, brat-ish self-esteem. Grooving, sparkling, kicking. Convincing. And it goes on. "Last Lieutenants" shows they mean serious business. Funky beats, fancy breaks, melodic fills. The flows of words are amazing. Almost too much. You really need to focus. "Moving Up" is more soulish, catchy, yes, but I think I prefer the other single, "Duets", the better. Neat. In fact there are lots of highly potential single hits on the album. Like "Put It On", "Feel It" with its nice samples, or especially the awsomely kool "Poison". Paperboys' force are the quite incredibly strong, catchy and hummable choruses. The nicely calmed down title track ends the album, which probably will end up as one of the better debuts of the year.

Hip-hop in Norway has over the last few years grown into a genre not to be overlooked. I guess Paperboys are ready for world domination. At least in Scandinavia. They play tough and do it well.

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