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The Jessica Fletchers
(Come On) It's Only Nine (EP)
Perfect Pop Records

Back to the 60s! The Fletchers have learnt a trick or two from the Beatles, which certainly goes to show here. The melody, vocals and guitars of "Up And Around" smell like a George Harrison song around 1965. The organ and flute is not that typical, closer to Traffic perhaps. The up-tempo title track brings us back to 1963/64 with John Lennon on lead vocals. Not that exciting methinks apart from the quiet middle part with organ and trumpet that sound closer to US west coast a few years later. Great! "Diamond Ring" might have been included on one of the late John Lennon's solo albums with the late George Harrison on guitar. It combines happiness and melancholia in a strange way. The highlight of the disc! Well then, is the last track "Just Another Fashion Band" a Paul McCartney or Ringo song, you might ask? It's not and harder to pin down. The staggering guitar suggest The Creation of 1966 ("Painter Man") or Pete Townshend of the Who, but the brass and organ wander in quite different directions (Animals, maybe?). My least favourite track of the EP.

All in all a bit disappointing compared to the last EP of Jessica Fletchers, the splendid Sorry About The Noise. But if you can't get enough of 60s beat and pop music, you don't need to search any further.

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