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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 67 - 03/28/02

You can make your own experiences
Hippodelic Records

This 6 song mini has been laying around some months now, which means it's not a brand new release. Anyway, the quartet presents 60's/70's to present days alternative inspired rock. Not at all trying to invent any wheels or so, but playing the simple way.

Hippotrip are Steinar Kristoffersen (guitar, vox), Bjarne Raaum (guitar, noise, backing vox), Herman Heggen (drums, percussion), and Anders Kristoffersen (bass, keyboards, backing vox), and the band mention Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Who, Grateful Dead, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and more as sources of inspiration. One foot in the psychedelic era, the other in the present. I find most songs to end up too anonymous, too stretched out, even though they sound as clever musicians. Their songs sound a bit too naive, but they do have some charming aspects. Such as the light-prog-folky "Leave all behind". And "System failure" starts as a tough rocker, but I'm afraid it's a bit too long and in need of a better structure. Yet, it's a tad fascinating. Motorpsycho light, sort of speak.

So, lads, pull out your Supergrass influences and I'm more eager to please.

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