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Hello Goodbye
Heart Attack
Racing Junior/Universal

Hello Goodbye consist of Norwegian Frode (guitar) and the Swedes Lisa (voice) and Johannes (drums) and have existed for nearly four years. With the help of Alex Kloster-Jensen of The Ricochets, they have recorded their first album proper.

The format of guitar, drums and singing has not always been a sucessful one (Deja Voodoo, Method Actors) as the format itself often has been more important than the music. But just as The White Stripes, Hello Goodbye prove that it is possible to make good records without all the equipment in the world as long as you have enthusiasm, melodies and lots of charm. Their mixture is a blend of popular music from the last 50 years; Bo Diddley, DIY new wave (think Rough Trade Records ca. 1980), B-52's, surf guitar, fragile americana and girl and garage groups of the 60's.

A favourite is "Summer Warmth" (? - the press release doesn't say anything about the titles...), a catchy Yo La Tengo-influenced tune. On the fourth track I'm reminded of early Triffids (does anyone remember Jill Birt singing "Raining Pleasure"?).

The playing and singing is enthusiastic throughout, and I can't stop nodding my head and stomping my foot to tunes like "Have You Seen My Boy" and "Transylvania". It could easily have been just a novelty act, but Hello Goodbye proves that the single on Smalltown Supersound last year (you'll find both songs here) was not a one-off. And the new songs are even better and in April it will be out on vinyl!

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