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Do Make Say Think
& Yet & Yet

I had the pleasure of seeing Do Make Say Think (DMST) supporting/opening for/playing a split gig with fellow Canadians and label-mates Godspeed You Black Emperor! at this year's All Tomorrow's Parties, UK. They didn't play for long but the performance was a real treat. Deliciously melodic, elegantly floating jazzy-influenced compositions, before Godspeed... beamed up their apocalyptic symphonies.

& Yet & Yet is DMST's third album, following their self-titled debut in 1998, and Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead, 2000. The lineup: Charles Spearin (bass, trumpet), Justin Small (guitar) and James Payment (drums), Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, horns, keyboards) and Dave Mitchell (drums). And do they create magic beauty. Their music has been described as "prog-rock played by post-punks". & Yet & Yet holds 7 songs or compositions, instrumental as they are (except "Soul And Onward" which has got some elf-ish vocal contributions). The opening "Classic Noodlanding" (!?) is a swirling, jazzy piece, circling around its own melody lines and rhythms. "End Of Music" shows DMST from a more intense, pulsating side, while "Chinatown" is, along with "Reitschule", my fave tracks. The latter is morelike treading into Godspeed-Mogwai land. The intensivly bass-driven "Anything For Now" rise into a monumental ending of a fabulous record. DMST tickle monotony and tease the repetetive, while they throw their listeners into feel-good, melodic loops of sound. "& Yet & Yet" shows greatness, and will rank among albums of the year. Without doubt.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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