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Paulinho da Viola
BMG Brasil 7432141789-2

After being absent from the recording studio for eight years, Paulinho da Viola gives his fans a special treat with Bebadosamba, a collection of 14 sambas, choros, and even a maxixe. The made-up title for this release has a double meaning. "Bebadosamba," as Paulinho himself explains can be someone who is impregnated with samba, as if drunk ("bebado," in Portuguese). However, it can also mean an invitation to samba ("beba do samba," or drink the samba). Whatever the interpretation one goes with, the result is nothing but a rewarding listening experience.

Paulinho da Viola has a passion for samba, Portela (his favorite Samba School in Rio de Janeiro), and love. His compositions constantly deal with those topics, but with innovative ways and fresh melodies and poetry. When he joins forces with well-known Brazilian songwriters such as Elton Medeiros, Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, and Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, what else can you expect but outstanding compositions? Add to that an authentic array of choro musicians and you end up with the work of a master. Paulinho himself plays the guitar and cavaquinho in most tracks, and he also brings Cristóvão Bastos (piano), the Velha Guarda da Portela (with samba percussion), Zé Nogueira (sax), Luciana Rabello (cavaquinho), Dino 7 Cordas (7-string guitar), and even the choro group Época de Ouro.

In addition to beautiful songs (lyrics are included), the liner notes present the illustrations of Brazilian artist Elifas Andreato (you might have seen his work in several Martinho da Vila's releases). The cover art work and liner notes illustrations simply augment what was already a highly anticipated and excellent release.

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