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Mechano/ Beat All

There are many people who complain that techno is no real music because it is made by machines. My answer is that the computers are only instruments like any other. No no no, say the techno critics, no musician would play like that. Now my final argument has arrived. Tevolution, a new record by the band T.E.V.O.

There are only four tracks on the disk, so it could be argued if this a full release, but the sheer length of ten minutes each makes the whole disk a LP. The music without any lyrics is in the trance techno vein, but (and that is the speciality) it is all played on real instruments by living musicians. No drum machine, no sequencer. Of course, you can tell the difference, even when the drummer can keep the time very well for ten minutes. but nobody can say that it's not trance techno anymore.

So if you are such a techno critic who thinks that real musicians make a difference, go buy this disk and find out if you like it better. Or if you're a techno kid who thinks that only computer music is real fun and up-to-date, buy this disk too and learn that people make the music, not machines.

My record came in a hand printed sleeve. Since the record distributor seems to be somewhat obscure I included a phone & fax number that was given on the label of the record. Please contact them if you re interested in this release and have any difficulties finding it.

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