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Dopeheid Troef
Djax records - 10032

Neuk makes Nederhop, Hiphop in Dutch. It's not the usual Nederhop with samples and stuff, Neuk uses real instruments. So it also can be described as hardcore. The vocals are done by de maniak (the maniac) and het beest (the beast). They also have some guest appearances by Osdorp Posse, the first Nederhop band in Holland, and in an other song by Uniek & Protest. The songs are against the cops, commercial bullshit, religion, and they aren't for closeminded assholes, and people who are good minded, so only punx and Nederhoppers are left. This is because of the language and lyrics they've used in their songs.

The best song is saved for last. In that song de maniak en het beest go to a game show that is very popular in The Netherlands. During that show they can't handle it anymore and kill the host, his assistent and the other candidates. The studio is blown up at last, so that show won't be on the telly anymore. It's a great album to play when you're with your girl/boyfriend alone at home.

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