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flag Brazil - Full Moon 70 - 06/24/02

Claudio Bezz
own label ?

Dear Claudio,

Many thanks for the CD single. It's not every day I receive a package from Rio! From the look of the sleeve you have very strong forearms.

There are two ends of the smooth spectrum as far as I can fathom. At one end there's 'Smooth': Fred Estaire; The Sea and Cake; anything that is completely mindblowing in its ability to transport the listener to a beatiful, cool place. At the other end of the scale there's 'Schmoove', i.e. shite like the Fun Lovin' Criminals that is only pretending to be suave and sophisticated in order to get laid. Deep down schmoove music is a big, fat ugly lie, which betrays everything wonderful about the truly smooth.

In entitling your CD Smooth you're putting it up against some stiff competition as far as my ears are concerned (see the guide to The Sea and Cake). I'm no easy listening lounge lizard, but if something really turns my ears to caramel I'll gladly sit back, melt, and then rave about it afterwards like some kind of cool cat. But Claudio, I think your stuff is halfway there.

The guitar playing is slick and clean, wich catchy Latino licks; the production is crystal clear; the tunes are nicely structured, if a little derivative. The whole CD is polished, pleasant and really, really nice.

However, Claudio, that's where you come unstuck. As will see from my reviewer profile I'm a difficult bastard, and I like drone rock, experimental stuff, jazz etc. And this little CD you've sent just doesn't set my ears on fire, or bathe me in narcotic technicolour honey.

I address this review to you, Claudio, as I really appreciate the fact that you sent me the CD for audition. I had fun opening the box. I sat through the CD a couple of times. I decided how I was going to write the review without hurting your feelings - I hope I haven't. But man, this just ain't my kind of shit.

Good luck for the future Claudio, and I hope your smooth tunes reach the ears they're hungry for.

Love and Peace,
Tim Clarke.

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