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The Cinematic Orchestra
Every Day
Ninja Tune Records

Finally The Cinematic Orchestra return with a follow-up to their remarkable debut Motion from 1999. On their newest release Every Day, J. Swinscoe and his band continue to make innovative and brilliant music with deep influences from the organic jazz-scene. But even though their main influences are rooted in jazz, this record and the cinematics music in general, is built on various musical inspirations. With many different and various references, there are no doubt these musicians are open-minded listeners...

And Every Day is definitely a record for the open heads. It is dark and little twisted, and definitely original. Image getting a soundtrack to a movie not existing. What you get is the soundscapes and audible atmospheres - the pictures, history and the visual movements is in your mind and can be created from there. Throughout the seven sweeping and dramatic tracks the cinematics takes you on a journey through classic soul, jazz, choral pieces, sinking horn riffs, throbbing harp b-lines, minimalism and more. Always intelligent and with a contemporary edge. Vocal guests are no other than Fontella Bass from the free jazz renegades of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and well-known lyricist and rapper Roots Manuva. Who other than Cinematic Orchestra dares to unite those two different artists on the one and same record?

My recommendation is clear: sit down and find yourself comfortable in your best armchair, close your eyes and prepare to enjoy the latest movie from Cinematic Orchestra. It's anything but everyday...

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