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The Third and the Mortal
Voices of Wonder

The Third and the Mortal have been with us for a while now. Their sound has never been a fixed one, and now it's evolving again.

After using two distintive female vocalists, the band have settled for using different singers on their new record. On the opener "Zeppoliner" the sweet voiced Ingrid Tolstad resmbles Bjørk while the band play progressive rock. It's a powerful track. For "The City" they use a male rapper and a trip hop sound. The song is very urban and full of creeping paranoia. Tolstad returns for the beautiful "Thin Dark Line" giving a restrained but passionate performance.

Elsewhere the band try their hands at gothic rock with a nightmarish male voice growling suggestively. In all, Memoirs is a varied and masterful addition to The Third and the Mortal's impressive catalogue.

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