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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 70 - 06/24/02

Howlin' Pimp-O-Negros
Rock'n'Roll? Right! Right On! Right!!!
Flipside Records/Tumblewine Films

How to describe this mess of Rock'n'roll madness? "Fell asleep in the shower, still dirty on my back..." Splendid stuff. Makes me want to play no-nonsense rock again. All the right ingredients are there. Sixties style with the hard edge of the nineties. The guitars rumbles like hellcats about lunchtime. The Pimpoes struts their stuff and flaunts their ladies. Scary...

If possible this single should be played after a session of watching Gunnar Knutsen's film "1-2-3 Forever (Duo 1:1)". Rock delivery service. Now why didn't anyone think of that before? All you vinyl freaks out there, call Rock. Soon a hot slab of pure rock'n'roll is at your door. "Rock'n'roll? Right! Right On! Right!!!"

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