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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 70 - 06/24/02

Frida Snell
Black Trillium
Stockholm Records

Frida Snell has a deep, dark voice that impresses throughout her album. Most of her songs are sad tales and she sounds like the weight of the world rests on her shoulders. Thanks to her and songwriting partner Magnus Fridh's skills it doesn't become too sombre.

The song "Lucky Day" reminds me of Tanita Tikaram, another young singer hwo sounded mature beyond her years. "Stranger" is very hummable and has a nice tune. The Tori Amos style cover of Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with Buttefly Wings" scales the rock anthem down to a piano ballad. It works well. "Orphan Parade" is a song of a young child abandoned. It's the saddest thing I've heard in a long while.

Snell makes it very moving. Black Trillium is not an adventerous album, but it has enough good songs for this not to matter.

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