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The Ages of Wonders
Stickman Records

Swiss rock band Favez - Freddy M. on drums, Yvan Lechef on bass, Chris W. on vocals and guitar and Guy Bee on Guitar - hail from Lausanne. Which explains the title of their latest album, (from lausanne, switzerland). The Ages of Wonders is the first single release off that album, recorded in Hoboken, New Jersey, by John Agnello (known from working with Patti Smith, Dinosaur Jr, Mark Lanegan, Madrugada to name a few).

This single contains 4 songs: "The Ages of Wonders", plus an acoustic version of another song from the (from lausanne, switzerland) record, "Chasing Honesty". The other two tracks, "I've Got Everything I Need" and "Headed for the Ocean", are also acoustic versions (both songs taken from their 2000 album, Gentlemen Start Your Engines. "The Ages of Wonders" opens, being punchy and powerful melodic rock. Widescreen riffs and pounding rhythms. Like (label-mates) Motorpsycho meet Swervedriver. Quite blistering. The three other tracks come as a contrast, being indeed more of a quiet (and acoustic for sure) nature. Of the three I like "Chasing Honesty" the better, even though I prefer when they rock. So, "The Ages of Wonders" is my fave Favez song this time.

PS! The recording of (from lausanne, switzerland) had a difficult start, as they were about to start on September 15th. Hard to get a plane to NY/NJ those days. Luckily enough for him producer John Agnello was set up for a business meeting in WTC's Twin Towers on September 11th, but not untill 11 AM...

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