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Adam Green
Adam Green
Rough Trade

'Moldy Peache' Adam Green on the loose! Last year he and Kimya Dawson gathered a cult following as the satiric lo-fi indie-duo Moldy Peaches. Adam Green is Adam's solo effort, and it's another "back-to-the-bedroom-recording" case.

Green performs with a slack attitude, and you can sense his grin through the music. Vocals and guitars charmingly in and out of tune. Adam Green holds 10 songs, and, well, even though it's a nice half-an-hour, we're not talking classic album. Green has done most of the singing/playing himself, accompanied by a few friends (adding electronic sounds, clarinet, jew's harp). Within the lyrics you'll find some really odd'n'funny, and touching, moments. Favorite moments: the absurd ballad "Mozzarella Swastikas", the out-of-this-world guitar solo on "Dance With Me", the wild'n'wonderful "Computer Show", the '60s-rock-song' "Baby's Gonna Die Tonight", and the stunning (whispering-turns-shouting) finale, "Can You See Me". A happy-sad tale with lyrics going: "...I've been popping out of closets in Robin Hood suits / I've been spotted in pictures with navy recruits / Look at your costume, you know that it's true / Anyone could pop in as you..."

The Arlo Guthrie of 2002?

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